To Become an Empire Green Fleet contact us at info@empirecleancities.org or at 212-839-7728 or 914-813-5475

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EMPIRE GREEN FLEETS (EGF) IS A PARTNERSHIP – We work in coordination with fleet managers to track vehicle use information and develop strategies that reduce fuel costs, improve fleet efficiency, and decrease the fleet’s environmental impact.

What do you need to become a Fleet? To run our analysis ideally each fleet would have following information:

Make/Model/Year for each Vehicle in the Fleet

 Annual Vehicle Miles Travelled by Vehicle

Annual Fuel Usage & Fuel Type by Vehicle

List of Sustainability Policies

Don't have all of this data? Don't worry, Contact Us and we can help determine methods to assist your organization in compiling data for certification. Having this information can help your organization track vehicle condition, vehicle efficiency, budgetary concerns and make applying for fiscal support for new vehicles more straightfoward!!


Sustainability Policy Tools

While your fleet may not have Alternative Fuel Vehicles yet, your organization may be starting by utilizing different policies such as; anti-idling, driver training, fuel conservation, and more. See below for some tools that may be helpful to your fleet!

Idle Reduction

 Adding an anti-idling policy and training drivers can result in significant savings for your business

 Alternative Fuels Data Center Information 

Vehicle Parts & Equipment

 "Fleet managers and drivers can conserve fuel and maximize their operational efficiency by outfitting their vehicles with parts and equipment that save fuel"

 Alternative Fuels Data Center Information 

Driver Training

 By investing in driver education vehicles can be moe efficient, saving money and reducing emissions.

 Alternative Fuels Data Center Information 

Empire Green Fleets is a program that recognizes public and private fleets that are leading the way in transitioning our region to a low carbon, sustainable economy. Click here for the EGF Interest Form.

Partnering with Empire Green Fleets will help your organization stay ahead of the curve.


Saves Money:
Given the right circumstances, switching to alternative fuels can result in significant savings for your business, both in terms of fuel costs and vehicle maintenance.

Participation in EGF ensures that your fleet will received tailored attention, including up to date information about public funding, tax breaks and other opportunities as they become available.

Earn Recognition:
EGF certified fleets receive recognition on our website, in local press, and at our public outreach events. All EGF fleets have a chance to win our Green Fleet of the Year Award. Click here to see some of our past Green Vanguard award winners.

Participate in the Green Market:
 EGF certification provides independent, third-party verification of your organization’s commitment to building a sustainable clean energy economy for the New York City and Lower Hudson Valley region.

Reduce America’s dependency on foreign oil:
  EGF incentives the use of alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technology. According to the EIA, in 2011 over 45% of oil used in the US came from foreign sources; whereas close to 90% of natural gas is produced domestically and all other alternative fuels are sourced 100% domestically. Increasing the use of alternative fuels and more efficient vehicles decreases our dependence on volatile foreign oil.

Prepare your fleet for the future:
  As concerns about the impact of climate change grow, organizations will come under increasing pressure from both government and the public to adapt their business practices. Putting into place the necessary system requirements to become EGF certified will help prepare your organization for the future.


EGF measures 5 pollutants from all the vehicles (on-road and off-road) in a fleet in a specific year. This information is collected with the highest degree of accuracy possible. We partner with fleet managers to collect fleet use information.  Empire Clean Cities is committed to offering assistance and best practices to anyone interested in reducing their fleet’s environmental impact.


Carbon Dioxide

– CO2 is a greenhouse gas that has significantly contributed to the warming of the earth’s surface temperature. According to the EPA, in 2010 approximately 31% of CO2 emissions in the US came from the transportation sector.

Particulate Matter

– PM 2.5 is a primary cause of the high incidences of asthma rates found in many communities in and around NYC. Reducing PM 2.5 has been directly linked to reducing respiratory related mortalities and hospital visits.

Oxides of Nitrogen

– NOx is a significant contributor to air pollution and a primary component of ground-level ozone, a major regional problem.

Carbon Monoxide

– CO contributes to ground-level ozone


– HC covers the vehicle relevant greenhouse gases other than CO2 that are contributing to the warming of the earth’s surface (for example, methane).


Download our  EGF One Pager, and EGF Scoring Info, to learn more about how Fleets can qualify and earn points.

Certified Empire Green Fleets

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