Join 3rd NYS Aggregate Purchase of ZEVs

Join 3rd NYS Aggregate Purchase of ZEVs

Status: EXPIRED (Bid forms due by COB 10/31/17)

Source: New York State

Partners: DEC, Office of General Services (OGS)


Bid Details for 3rd Round:

  • Instead of choosing a single type of vehicle, they will bid for a generic set of min. specifications to encourage competition between automakers, ideally resulting in lower price.
  • 3 separate aggregate bids will be awarded: plug-in hybrids, plug-in hybrid minivans, & pure battery EVs
  • Once a bid is awarded, municipalities and agencies will then be responsible for contacting the winning bidder to complete a purchase.

Description: The goal of this initiative is to reduce the costs associated with adding zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) to gov't fleets across NYS. The first aggregate bid resulted in an 11% discount on Chevy Volts. The second round included a 13% discount on the Prius Prime and a 28% discount on a Nissan Leaf. Significant savings are anticipated in this round as well.

Questions? Contact Pamela Hadad-Hurst at DEC or Anna Eckstein-Burns at OGS.

Posted by Stephanie Erwin