Nissan Leaf Offer

Nissan Leaf Offer

Status: EXPIRED (First Come First Served - Ordered by 3/31/2017)

Source: Nissan, New York State

Price Breakdown:

    + $30,680 (Price of MSRP 2017 “S” 30kWh battery)

    - $10,000 (Discount - Nissan fleet discount for LEAFs ordered by 3/31/2017

    - $5,000 (Incentive - New York Municipal EV incentive)

    = $15,680 Effective pricing for a brand new, fully warranted, zero emissions Model Year 2017 LEAF “S” 30kWh that qualifies for Buy America

Description: The 100% electric LEAF vehicle offers savings in fleet costs and vehicle maintenance with 8 year/ 100,000 mile warranty. There is a LEAF DEMO vehicle available for extended test drives on a first come first serve basis.

Contact: to participate in the extended test drives and qualify to receive your $10,000 fleet certification discount code.

Posted by Stephanie Erwin